Light Orange Syrup

VAT included
High Quality Orange Syrup.
Frutta Max Syrups are Contain 50% of Fruit.
Refreshing Fruity and Delicious Beverage for all age.
Mix it with water or fizzy water and you get a Delicious Fruit Juice.
From 500 ml Orange Syrup you get 12 L of Fruit Juice.
Find a dosing cap on top of the bottle.
Dilution Proportion 1:23
Sugar Free
Low Calorie
50% of Really Fruit Contain
Non alcoholic
Children Friendly Product
Can be use for :
Mix with Water 
Ice Cream
Snow Cone
FLAVOUR: Intense Orange
SIZE: 500 ml
Frutta Max Syrups are Made in Hungary

Usually 1-2 days,
excl. € 4,95 Shipping (Germany)

Frutta Max Syrups are Made with Love to those how love Delicious Fruity Taste.

The Light Syrups are available in 5 different flavours.

100 ml of already made Fruit Juices mix contain 1,4 Calorie.

The Light Products are sugar free, made with stevia.

Are you bored only drinking water on your Diet?

You want more taste? More taste of Fruit? 

Add to your water the suggested amount of fruit syrup to get a fruity taste.

Make Sugar Free Cocktails

You don’t want to drink sugary cocktails on your Diet?

Then try out our Syrups by adding to your cocktails. All you need a teaspoon of syrup to your cocktail to make a more fruit tasty experience.

Make a More Tasty and Sugar Free Dessert

Thanks for the Low Calorie and the High Fruit content Frutta Max Syrups are perfect for give more taste to your Desserts while you are on Diet.

Frutta Max Syrups are Children Friendly 

50% of Really Fruit content. Kids are love it for the fruity taste.

Save more money on drinks. From 1 bottle you get 12 L of Fruit juice.

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